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  • “Stock Information(New)”

    My Stocks:

    Founder Stocks
    You have 395 stocks, current rate is $29.17 and total price is $11,522.15 and 11 Thread License key
    Founder account’s have a priority to payouts and no daily limits.
    Your available and current balance has been transferred to stock balance. Conversion has been performed at $10 per stock.

    Date point Stocks owned Current rate Current profit Daily dividends
    Today 395 $29.17 $11,522.15 $3.95

    Date point Stocks owned Expected stock rate Expected profit Term
    01 / 11 / 2018 395 $403.00 $159,256.10 5 years
    01 / 11 / 2016 395 $176.00 $69,697.75 3 years
    01 / 11 / 2015 395 $105.00 $41,328.85 2 years

    Money Making 101

    Money Making 101

    1.Setting it up

    a.Register – Get registered at

    b.Get Verified – Get your SMS from coin generation and send it back to them

    c.Download and install the program – download the program(either windows or mac)
    and you should be good to go. It may take an hour or so to get the thread but
    should get it automatically when you start the program


    *Bonus option – If you are worried about viruses or anything else(I know it doesn’t

    but it would probably make you feel better), you should start the program in a


    I suggest to put a short cut into your start up folder in-case your computer

    is restarted for some reason and you don’t know about it. That way, the program

    will start up without you having to start it yourself, you’ll save money that way.

    2.Starting off

    Their are many videos showing the start up so that’s why I made it short. What they

    don’t show is what do you do next other than starting the program. You can just

    start the program and let it run but that’s the most basic part of the program so their

    is no reason for me to go over it. I will show you 2 methods that will force the

    program to go to its max. I do want to say this, if you run the program 24/7 then

    you’ll make $30. That is just for a month and next month you will have to buy the

    thread for $50. So you take that $30 and invest $20, you will have that thread for 12

    months. 12x$30=$360, that is how much you will make in a year just by leaving the

    program running 24/7.


    a.No money? Referrals are the way to go :)

    If that $20 that you need to buy that thread, you can get help from others to pay

    for it. Their are 2 tiers referrals, your referrals and your referrals referrals. Both of

    those will make you money. Your referrals will make you 20% of what they make. If

    they run the program 24 hours($1), you will make $.20. 5 referrals running the

    program 24/7 * $.20 * 30 days = $30, which will be enough to buy a new thread

    plus have some money left over. Best way to get good referrals are first by asking

    family and friends. Show them this site and show them that you are making money.

    How easy is that?


    b.Got the money?

    If your one of the lucky ones, money isn’t an issue but you’d just rather have more.

    Method 2 is the easiest for sure and will make the most money at the shortest time

    frame. Like they say “You have to have money to make money”, well that isn’t

    completely true because you don’t HAVE to but does make it easier. You get 1 free

    thread(#30), you buy just 1 thread right after you start the program(-$50)+($30).

    Lets do the math shall we: free thread($30) – buy thread($50) – bought thread($30)

    = +$10. You have made money the first month and you will have 11 months more

    making $30 each month. That is just an example of ONLY buying 1 thread ;). You

    can buy more threads and you will make more money just during the first month.


    Threads and Accounts

    Nifty little thing about this program, you can use it with multiple computers using

    the same IP address. Only 1 account per computer though. Per account you will get

    a free 30 day trial so that means, you can make $60 a month starting off if you use 2

    computers. More computers mean more money but you can’t referral them together

    or your account might be closed.


    Reserved for more methods/ideas

    Coin Generation Update’s

    This page is going to be about any new updates that are done to Coin Generation:

    Update / Market / Exclusive Opportunity
    Withdrawal limitations for all founder members have been cancelled and we are currently funding our accounts to catch up with the delayed payments. Payza payouts are planned to be resumed to all members back soon! We would like to sincerely apologize for keeping you waiting for such a long time and ask for just a bit more of your precious patience. Settlement is being made from Union Bank of China and we need to meet all compliance requirements in order for the payment to be released.

    Don’t forget to visit our peer-to-peer exchange the next week, website and script deployment are in process right now. We do our best to impress you (in the good meaning) with the approach we put in vision of the current market development of the Bitcoin arena. Your understanding of the DG financial ecosystem and our objectives should put an end to the “chicken and the egg” question once and for all. This should be an obvious logical conclusion when you see what kept us so busy for the last few weeks and we are more than confident that our mutual goals will be fully successfully accomplished.

    DG is here for a long run and we expect to see your profits booming with the growth of our network performance which is nearly close to 51% of all Altcoins (besides Btc and Ltc) No, we are not crazy about launching of our “pseudo currency” right now as there are better opportunities that are just about to jump out of the box! Growth of adoption of BTC solely relies on its users and exchanges that have not yet so far developed an attractive, convenient and a private way to purchase BTC or other Altcoins instantly. The world doesn’t need 70 different types of crypto currencies (perhaps at the time you read this update the figure has already increased) so we’ve decided not to invent the bicycle and simply address the vital needs of the Bitcoin market first of all. It’s time for action now and we encourage our community not to miss this exclusive once in a life chance to join the revolutionary business we are about to present you! Intrigued? You should be, it looks the chances are quite high your main job will be is just to collect cash – stay tuned for the next update!

    “Two roads diverge in a forest, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all difference” (Robert Frost)

    Digital Generation
    A Smarter Way to Use Your PC
    DG 2014 Press Release

    1. Where we are now

    As the number of Internet users grows at a steady pace, so is the cryptocurrency market coming into its own alongside paper money and plastic. The traditional model of money is starting to show signs of age in the public eye, as it becomes obvious that the flaws far outweigh the benefits. As with anything new, people initially questioned the use of bitcoins for practical purposes – such as grocery shopping. Instead, the new currency found a niche in the underground economy, where it was wildly successful. The e-commerce industry eventually took notice and started paying attention to the bitcoin phenomenon. A new class of entrepreneurs began to emerge as they saw the potential in the new technology: a tax-free payment system and a huge consumer market that was ready to make the leap if not for the minor obstacles still in the way. That thin ice is about to break, and it won’t be long now before we start paying for groceries at the corner store with our digital wallets. Sellers are not going to turn down the opportunity for extra income; one way or the other, be it bitcoins or another currency, this market is new territory just waiting to be developed, and there is work for every computer out there that can be enlisted for mining duty. It’s important to remember, however, that the complexity of mining cryptocurrencies is only going to increase with time, placing a growing burden on the system and further pushing for its growth. Another concern is the “inflation” of cryptocurrencies prior to the point in time when the market eventually becomes structurated. The volume of money entering circulation in the crypto economy is growing every day, and we fully intend to make every effort to improve our performance and maintain the liquidity of the markets we participate in.

    2. Development strategy

    We don’t expect 2014 to be an easy year, but we can safely say that the difficulties we’ve had to deal with in our early stages are well behind us. In fact, only today we can say with confidence that we’ve learned to avoid the high-risk situations that are prone to cause huge losses. On the other hand, we did gain invaluable experience that would have been infinitely more costly in that bright future which is just around the corner.

    Our priorities this year are to secure financing for the next few years and to offer our users a unique product that will render their credit cards permanently obsolete. We stay on top of current technology and the state of the art, fully aware that a revolution cannot happen without the technical acumen needed to transform something ordinary into a miracle. At the current pace of development, everything we see in the movies about some distant year like 2057, is likely to happen much sooner than that. Who doesn’t want a robotic housemaid that not only does the shopping, but makes you money as well? Just as the giant corporations are readying their prototypes and filing their patents, we are putting in place our own infrastructure and doing our own research on the use of computing power for creating a public company whose stated goal is fairness in the digital space. We want you to reap the benefits of operating your computer this year, and will soon be ready to unveil the first working prototypes of our products.

    3. Upcoming products

    Our current research is in the areas of pattern recognition and alternative energy – in our opinion, the most promising and potentially lucrative fields that are also central to the future of humanity as a whole. Many of our projects happen “behind closed doors”; we will be publishing the most interesting results on our website in due time. In 2014 a mobile app will be made available to our members. Our official app will make your participation in the DG team that much more convenient and enjoyable, keeping you up to date on the latest developments in the project – anytime, anywhere.

    4. Market trading

    We were able to develop an algorithm for profitable investment and are putting the finishing touches on our electronic trader, an application capable of fully automating trades. The exchange we operate on follows the classical model of an electronic market – minus all the minor nuisances such as the “human factor” (human traders), holidays and other annoyances that plague a traditional exchange. It will be fully integrated with our platform and become a reliable instrument in our users’ tool belt. Keeping in mind the human tendency to make money “here and now”, rather than waiting and making more later, we are working to finalize our developer API as soon as possible. For increased security, our exchange will be hosted on a separate server, at the address We hope our stock does not become the object of market speculation, as it happened with Google and Apple.

    5. Payments

    In light of the growing volume of payments, management has decided to make a considerable sale in the amount of 2,200 BTC on the Mt.Gox and BTC-e markets. Funds are expected to become available on January 19th, 2014. We ask for your understanding in connection with the delay, as we sought to find the most profitable time to make the sale in the face of a fluctuating exchange rate. A reliable payments system is a major component of any serious Internet-based project. 3D security is a modern – and undoubtedly the most effective – framework for protecting your funds today. Starting with January 1, all payments made through VISA and MasterCard benefit from a strong layer of protection. The safety of your personal information is always our number one concern, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

    6. Fair use

    As our members know, there is a 30-day trial period for using our service. New users are informed of this as they embark on their journey alongside the DG team. Unfortunately, our staff has identified a large number of users who have signed up multiple times – for as many as 5, 6, or even 7 accounts. An nvestigation by our compliance department has found a series of suspicious accounts, including what we called “mystery users”. Timely detection is certainly helpful in preventing the risk of disruptions creeping into the system, but it takes its own toll in terms of slowing down work across our services and divisions. Nevertheless, the Board of Directors has made the decision to hold payments to users who have been classified as “mystery users”. Electronic payments to this category of users will only be resumed following confirmation of successful receipt of a bank transfer by the beneficiary listed in account profile details. We are fully aware that such a decision can represent an inconvenience to our users, and for our part will be making every possible effort to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. In order to avoid any possible misunderstandings and frozen accounts, we appeal to our customers to use the system in a fair and responsible manner.

    7. A review of 2013

    The year 2013 has meant the start of our project, the acquisition of 600,000 users, and a tremendous amount of experience. Most important of all, our project works and is making a significant social impact. DG is now the world’s largest computing network (besides Bitcoin). We are now on the stepping stone towards the future! It’s been a long journey, and we’ve had our share of problems along the way. As it always happens when exploring new frontiers, we’ve looked for the path less traveled, we analyzed, we took risks, we built an innovative, one of a kind system, we made mistakes, we learned from them… and we kept going! Looking back, we can say with certainty that 2013 has been a successful year for the project in every conceivable way. The talented people who joined our staff in 2013 were also making a statement: we are bold, we are determined, we are assertive! Together we are the team of the future!

    8. In conclusion

    We’d like to share with you our beliefs about the way in which a modern competent human should work and go about their life. Firstly, as you wake up in the morning, besides the warm shower and a delicious breakfast, nothing should distract you from enjoying a peaceful, comfortable existence. Secondly, to enjoy life without worrying about tomorrow is the kind of mantra that one should frame up, hang on their wall, and always live by. Finally and most importantly, this is a call to action. Don’t waste another day working a demanding job that brings you little satisfaction, following useless advice, or engaging in unprofitable business that does nothing but stress you out as you waste your finest years. Life should be something to enjoy every minute along the way – and if that minute happens to bring a profit, too, it is all the more worth living.

    Words beget action. Actions beget results!
    Stocks and Payments
    The integration of DG stock trading platform is almost finished and we are finalizing the latest security issues to bring in the action before the New Year.

    Please bear in mind that due to Banking Holidays in EU we may experience some delays funding our eWallets therefore we kindly request you to avoid any negativity as we do our best to keep accounts funded during Christmas.

    We are becoming more than just a
    long term alternative, we are going global now!

    Our next release will be published shortly,

    DG Team
    Funding accounts currently
    By Joao on Sat, 12/14/2013 – 17:48

    Due to the high number of payouts that we are experiencing on our gateway, mainly due to Christmas, we have to announce that we are currently funding our wallets and all wallets will be topped on monday afternoon with funds.

    Thanks for undertanding.

    DG Staff
    Recent Network Downtime
    By Joao on Wed, 12/11/2013 – 17:43

    Datacenter staff have been conducting an unscheduled backbone re-routing which has lead to temporarily service interruption at 18:00 GMT Dec. 11, our users might have experienced service disruption while the server link downtime. Network connectivity & server uptime have been fully restored by now. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

    Have a great day,

    DG Staff
    DG – Right Time, Right Place
    Firstly, we would like to mention the success of Bitcoin, which has actually positively affected our situation as well :)
    DG remains true to it’s leadership plan in the market and we’re proud to support Bitcoin develop it’s perfect and bright future along with us. Pleasant surprises do happen sometimes and we are all set now the get the system to work as initially designed. Hooray!

    The process of negotiations with Payza regarding our daily payout volume requirements is in the final & pre-approved phase so we expect to have our limitations increased within the next few days. To minimize our current costs associated with EgoPay funding we’ve increased the transaction fee for EgoPay up to $1,50 per withdrawal request.

    As for the rest, 3D secure payments are being added to our credit card funding gateway, besides that there are additional payment methods coming up in 2014. So far we believe the success is on our side again and we’re pleased to share our great emotions with all DG members and wish a profitable and exciting experience!

    We look towards productive performance of our network and hope to see our beloved affiliates to spread the word of success around the world.All Founder members may expect an excellent performance of their stocks in the nearest future as we get our tanks fueled up to take you up in the sky.

    Leadership isn’t just important – it makes all the difference.

    Truly Yours,
    The Management
    Positive changes
    Dear members,
    We have great news for all – DG is getting bigger and better again! Yes, you’ve heard it right, the past times of uncertainty are over and we’ve kicked off again to deliver the best earnings on the web.
    Today, DG is not only the largest project of it’s kind but is truly unique because of it’s humongous income potential. We are expecting to have the stock trading platform fully operational starting December 1st and look towards future success and enthusiasm of all members during this HOT winter! Our invention fund capital has been recently backed up with additional fund injections to secure stable & non-stop payouts to all founders for at least the next upcoming season.
    We encourage the remaining part of members that have not yet decided to take advantage of the founder position to proceed today as the conversion rate for the stock purchase will be set according to the actual rate of over $14 shortly instead of the current $10/stock price.
    It’s time for a better change now and we’re confident you’ll see all the benefits of being a founder in the nearest future.

    DG – from good to best is just one step.

    Truly Yours,
    DG Staff
    Stocks and current situation
    By Joao on Fri, 11/15/2013 – 18:10

    Good news to everyone who has stick with Digital Generation.

    The period where funds were a problem is past.

    We have funding available and extra funds secured for the next 3 months so we can work non-stop.

    We would like to apologize for the delay of the situation, but there was and is a lot of work to do.

    We have been getting a lot of questions regarding stocks and founders, and we decided to inform all the users on what’s going on.

    What is a Founder?

    Founder is a user that has been with Digital Generation from the beginning and its benefit is getting payouts from our full wallets.

    Founders have daily dividends relating to ownership of stocks, you can see the Daily dividends per stock in Thread Manager and when you decide it’s time to sell/buy some stocks you can do it in stock market future ( will be added shortly ).

    This means that you will get the chance to profit from the sell of your stocks and after you can request an withdraw or you can buy threads and profit from them also.

    There’s no limit for the founders when requesting withdraws to an E-wallet, if you prefer Bank transfer it will take 2-3 bussiness days.

    How do I become a Founder?

    To become a founder you should be one of the roughly 500000 starting users. You will be able to see the Stocks page after loging in to your Digital Generation account.

    What happens when I become a Founder?

    When you login to your account, you will see a new option called Stocks with the explanation that your balances will be converted to stocks. You will either have the option to accept or decline.

    If you accept, you will receive stocks converted at $10 each ( the actual valure per stock is $12,94 in 15-11-2013 ).

    If you decline, you will go back to the current mode and will be only able to earn from threads.

    Once again, Founders will never be locked, and they will always be able to payout its earnings.

    What about our Founder referral earnings?

    Founders will still receive their Non-Founders referrals earnings from those who have purchased threads starting November 1st.

    As for the Founders/Thread users relation and Referral comissions, we think that Founders should encourage their downline to become Founders aswell since this is a way we need to go to workout the situation.

    So, as you can see, great news for everyone, and we hope that this clarifies most of the questions that have been asked this week.

    Best Regards,

    Digital Generation Staff
    DG Stocks
    By Joao on Wed, 11/13/2013 – 09:10

    We are finally ready to share the exciting news with all members regarding adjustments of earnings and changes in DG!

    Being a bona-fide company we’re dedicated to run business honestly at all times, that’s why we are not going to leave any of the members aside. At the same time we understand that we develop a project mission of which is to create the most powerful PC network in the world. The DG project has already started and can’t be folded or suspended, dynamics of continuous growth of our network performance allows us to successfully develop the global projects we’re into and that require humongous processing powers and speeds.
    We have no doubts that “Pattern Recognition” project backed by DG will be successfully realized and put into real life. You are welcome to check the details of the project published on our blog to have some better understanding of what we’re actually up to.

    Our present situation doesn’t leave us with much options than to divide part of the DG “Stocks” between members in order to secure their current earnings and to receive an attractive profit within the future development of the project. We’re talking about different figures and profits here than those that are earned by a current way of providing your actual processing powers to DG.

    User’s current balances (including available balance and threads/license keys) have been transferred to DG Stocks, this action can be reverted back within your account with all previous changes to replace the “stocks” feature, however, should you decide to switch back to the regular account status again you will be unable to take advantage of the “Founder” position again.

    We have taken these measures to prevent the debacle of DG and to allow the system life-cycle to continue, we expect you to understand that current turnaround is a better alternative to a possible suspension of the project and we request you to bear in mind that DG will take all required actions to deliver all the obligations to it’s users and we’ll do our best to bring the Pattern Recognition project to life and make
    the dream of all DG users come true.

    Welcome aboard to the New DG – it’s still the beginning of a long journey!

    Truly Yours,
    The Management

    For Immediate Release
    We are preparing an update to be published tomorrow that will explain our current situation and upcoming changes that will take effect this week to resolve the situation with the payment gateway issues. Getting
    ahead of things we can assure you that DG management has a solution to bring in the required funding as of now to keep up the operation and continue further development and company growth. Tomorrow will be the
    day and we kindly ask you to avoid any panic or doubts until you see our official press release for November – we’re switching over to a new course and we’re open for a productive and reliable business in the future.

    Standby for update,
    DG Team
    New Features, Trials, Bank Payments
    By Joao on Mon, 10/28/2013 – 18:11

    We have updated our script and would like to inform about latest changes that were applied. Firstly we would like to address the Payment Gateway tab which displays current status of payment system along with list of recent withdrawal transactions. We hope it will help you to have some better understanding how payouts are actually processed. The gateway is being configured at the moment to resume payouts to trial members as well ;) Hooray!

    We understand your anxiety for DG to raise the withdrawal limits and this time we would ask you to help us in some way too! Our network performance has not been increasing in growth that much within the last month as a drawback of side effects but nowadays we’re all set to move forward and need your help promoting DG across the world again. We need to catch up with 500k members within the next 3 months to enter into our most important round of investor funding and we seek your support and help getting DG to the required level by that time. Affiliates – it’s show time for you in the first place as we will raise the daily limits for most active users on a priority basis!

    Our offshore unit has received a list of 1,172 pending bank transfers which would go into processing shortly, our staff will be informed about the status of the payments to keep you updated at all times. We have also received a lots of inquiries for personal visit to our office in Porto – yes, it will be possible to arrange a meeting upon request, however please note we don’t allow walk-in visits due to conditions of the business centre. DG will hold a conference in Lisbon in January 2014 and we look towards seeing you there at our global digital gathering.

    Talk Soon,
    DG Staff
    September Press Release
    29 August 2013 – Nicosia, Cyprus, General Meeting of the Digital Generation Board of Directors
    Mini-report on the Board of Directors’ Meeting

    The meeting heard a report by the Executive Manager Mr. Martin Coufal which revealed the positive trends in the development of the project, presenting key marketing and financial data and revealing the results of a multifaceted analysis of the project. Particular note has been made of the development of strategic directions to reduce and optimize the impact of risks on the final result of the project for all groups: financial, technical and human factor. As a result of the difficulties that emerged at the beginning of the summer, the leadership of the project decided to plug in the work of a specially crafted team for resolution of the situation – DG Risk Management Division. The most important and memorable moment for the audience was a bright and positive performance by the leading specialist of the unit Larry Queens.

    In his report Larry Queens fully accounted for the latest efforts towards the resolution of the situation, describing in detail the methods applied, and presenting a plan to evaluate the marketing strategy for 2014, which will be most effective precisely for Digital Generation, given the unique specifics of the project, its originality and unique position in the world market. “To date, we have completely eliminated all the consequences of the crisis situation which arose in July due to the project’s connection to several volatile eastern regions where the level of risk and fraud had not been adequately evaluated. As a result, our partners in several countries observed a minor glitch in payments and consequently were marked by panic which was fueled by some users’ individual pessimism. Fortunately, this panic was not very significant. The vast majority of members trust in the project “- according to the report. “On August 25 the stability of the market position of the Digital Generation project was solidified”- the report of Larry Queens concluded.

    The report on Risk Management Division results as of 25 August 2013, which included both the report and the consolidated audit, was approved and adopted by the General Meeting of the Board of Directors.

    Key Decisions of the Board of Directors

    All profits obtained in 2013 will be directed towards the maintenance of Project reserves with the goal of restoration of financial stability in the shortest time. It was also decided to start an active advertising campaign in Europe, including the media and the Internet and in the long run to launch an advertising company in North America and Australia. In addition, new methods were approved for the organization of the creative process to the search for new technical and marketing solutions.

    Message from the Board of Directors to Affiliates and Users

    The Digital Generation management consider it necessary to express a special thanks to all our partners and users who have been with the project through thick and thin from day one, without fear of the unknown or possible difficulties, and who have become partners to a grand plan, which has no analogues in the world’s history. Friends, our project successfully passed all the tests that are the lot of true pioneers. We have passed the basic stage. We were able to resolve all the technical problems without losing any time, and in a relatively short period have arrived at a stable operational mode in all divisions. Thanks to your support, we can already say with confidence that our project is much more productive than we could have predicted! We should however take into account the fact that everything is new and it is impossible to accurately analyze and predict the path of development; there may be only rough estimates at the level of fantasy. What we are seeing now has exceeded all expectations! We are happy to have you with us, we are happy to share our achievements with you and believe that it is thanks to the support of each project participant that we are obliged to ensure that Digital Generation moves on to the next stage of development ahead of schedule.

    “Those who don’t believe in victory never win”

    Cordially Yours,
    The Management

    Payza: Congratulations to all !
    Situation with Payza is almost resolved, we are setting up a new business account to resume payments for all countries. All limitations will be waived as soon as our balance is transferred to the new account. We expect Payza to finish their background and due diligence checks of Digital Generation to complete our business account verification by August 23rd.


    Negotiations with Payza
    We have received a list of opened disputes against DG and are seeking a way how to expedite these requests. To reduce the workload for Payza staff we have approached them with a proposal to let us perform payouts via API as before. So far Payza has one condition: they ask us to resolve the situation with members on our side first to minimize the number of opened disputes.

    Above said, to speed up the process resuming payments for high risk countries members are kindly requested to void their dispute unless intentions to abandon the project still remains. We have assured Payza that all funds in our account will be used for payouts to members and seek their professionalism resolving the present status with pending payments.

    As soon as we receive positive feedback from Payza all payouts will be fully instant again. We see no obvious reasons for this turnaround to take a negative scenario and will update all members within the next 24 hours.

    Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.
    Cordially, DG Management


    Good news ahead!
    Dear DG users,

    We have some good news ahead which we’ll update you about within the next couple of days.
    First of all we’re happy to announce that Payza contacted us today, we’ve started our negotiations and look towards resolving the status with all payments shortly.
    Most likely we’ll be able to work out a scenario where Payza may be still used for withdrawals, we’ll notify all members when we come up to a certain point of negotiations to accomplish this.

    We will resume all payments and continue stronger than ever once we settle everything down. There are some issues which may not be noticed at the first glance but we feel it’s important to explain what goes on behind the scenes right now.

    We experience very high daily traffic load (approx. 1 million visitors/day) to our servers and are required to upgrade our server infrastructure urgently. We are tweaking up the responsiveness to avoid delays in data communication shared in real time via ThreadManager as well as improving the stability of the web platform to avoid current glitches such as “error 503″. The transfer from the old servers to the new data center is in process as of now therefore please don’t worry if you experience some downtime accessing the website during the weekend.

    Right now we are taking final procedures to fund our EgoPay account in order to start processing pending withdrawals that may still remain for some of the users. This issue should be rectified by Friday or the next week for sure. There are some backlogs processing payments on time due to increased volume of requests that have occurred because of members worries and concerns, we want to point out once again that all earnings will be paid in full *as always* since we respect our clients and therefore will deliver all obligations accordingly.

    Concerning all of the above, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience we have caused to our highly valued members. We regret the situation with Payza has impacted our reputation and have caused some lack of confidence to arise however we would like to point out that there are things that are impossible to keep perfect at all times. Just try to keep this in mind.

    We love challenges and will prove once and for all that we are trully here to show everybody the capabilities and the power we have!

    Standby for the next update,

    Digital Generation Team


    Getting back on track!
    Credit Card Payments

    We have settled our first facility with an Asian bank and will continue to expand network or partner banks to settle payments in different currencies and once we have all accounts with different banks setup, we will be able to process payments in different currencies.

    Important Notice: for now, all users will be able to use credit cards for thread purchases, but they will see their card billed NOT is $USD, but in Chinese Yuan¥.

    Payment form is being setup on our server right now, you will be able to see changes shortly.

    New Accounts and Verification Process

    From now on, new accounts will have a 2 week period after the purchase of the first thread, during which withdrawals will be unavailable due to verification purposes.
    After this verification period, users will be able to withdraw funds on a normal basis.
    This verification phase is a ONE TIME process and may be reduced to 5 days in the future.
    Trial thread earnings will not be affected by this.

    Pending Payments

    As of now, we are funding our accounts, and resuming pending payments requests for Paxum to make sure every user is paid. Several restrictions still apply to “high risk” countires which will be waived within the next 10 days or less.

    Payza, Withdrawals and Recent Events

    We have set a date for today, the 31th of July, for implementation of our own gateway for deposits and withdrawals without using a 3rd party, but due to negotiations with banks, we may have to extend this period until further notice.

    Truly yours,
    Digital Generation







    Credit Card Funding & Payza Payments
    Dear Members,
    We are currently switching to another credit card processing solution and will provide direct credit card funding within the next week. Taking into account recent restrictions that Payza has applied to our account
    we see no possibility to use them as a payment processor for our future needs. We shall advise members how to proceed with their recent Payza deposits shortly, as an alternative payment solution we suggest to use Paxum or EgoPay for now.
    Present circumstances may cause some temporarily limitations on payouts that were processed via Payza before, we have already taken all actions to provide bank transfer withdrawals at the lowest fees
    and will do our best to complete the integration by Wednesday, July 24th.
    We would like to remind all members that management of Digital Generation has no intentions to suspend the operation of the company and therefore all members who are concerned about safety of their earnings are kindly requested to proceed with a refund claim directly with Payza. We have no intentions to keep any funds and would like to avoid any attempts to damage the reputation of the company.
    Direct Credit Card payments will allow us to develop an internal secure environment for all processing needs, this is an important step towards future growth of the company which is required to be taken now. We would like to thank all members for their patience in advance as we undergo required changes in our payment method changes.

    Have a pleasant weekend,

    Digital Generation Staff


    2013-07-11 10:07:25
    Latest news

    Please note that versions older than 2.3 are not supported any longer, make sure to update to the latest version of ThreadManager. New MacOS release 2.5 are available on your download page.


    2013-07-09 19:15:22
    Version update

    Please note that versions older than 2.3 will not be supported soon, make sure to update to the latest version within the next several days.


    2013-07-09 18:54:55
    MAC OS version released

    Digital Generation is the world\’s 15th most powerful performance computing system, and with nearly 300 thousand PC\’s joining the network in just two months, it may become the largest project in history. MAC version brings DG to new markets around the world so even more members can enjoy digital earnings today. Mac version will be available on your download page shortly, some features may not be supported on all of our products as the developer community is still busy applying latest fixes and patches to the previous versions. Please note that versions older than 2.3 will not be supported soon, make sure to update to the latest version within the next several days.


    2013-06-29 18:30:03
    News Update

    Due to important changes in our security system we are upgrading to EV SSL certificate. This process doesn\’t affect your account in any way, once the certificate is issued a green address bar will appear in your browser, please make sure you access your DG account by using the valid and secure link. PerfectMoney payments will be fully resumed on Monday (July 1st) – we are making required changes to our business profile in order to comply with PM requirements towards US companies. PayPal, Neteller & Skrill payments are coming along the way, we apologize for the delay implementing these payment methods but require all security checks to be completed first. Development of our project is going according to plan and all things are under firm control. Portugal office will start working next week along with our international phone support center. DG management are taking required actions to improve the customer service and we look towards your comments and suggestions. Last but not least, version 2.4 is using less resources right now than after the deployment just took place. We were running several tests to see how the system will perform in an \”overload\” scenario and can admit we are on our way to success becoming the largest network of such kind ever, congratulations to all!

    2013-06-27 06:13:41
    Fishing attack!

    Fishing attack! Do not open any links to prevent compromise of your account. Make sure URL and certificate are correct in browser address bar –

    2013-06-26 09:03:04
    Payza payouts resumed

    Dear members, We are pleased to announce that Payza withdrawals are back to work, you are welcome to request your payouts anytime. Kind regards, Digital Generation Team

    2013-06-14 15:48:48
    Our message system is now working, all notices and updates will be published here

    We have added new scripts section that displays performance of your thread. Please note that VPS usage is not allowed.


    You may need to call a number to get your account verified. The number is (country code)390-294-754-015.

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